Canoe & Kayak

Eight Great Boats

Our goal is to provide you the most comfortable trip as you canoe and kayak down the beautiful rivers of north Georgia. One way we do this is by equipping you with the boat best suited to your needs. Discover the various options we have to offer you as you plan your trip.


Old Town Discovery 158

This is the smaller of the two types of canoes we use. It is easy to paddle and stable and is perfect for your average couple. This is also the canoe we prefer to use on all Etowah Trips. Total Max Weight 500 lbs.

Old Town Discovery 169

This boat can be outfitted for up to three people and if you are paddling with a dog. It is very stable and easy to paddle. We use this canoe for Dawson Forest trips. Total Max Weight 700 lbs.

Necky Rip 10

This is our only sit-inside-kayak. The Rip has a comfortable padded seat and a foot brace that is fully adjustable. It is stable and fun to paddle. For food and drink storage, a small soft pack cooler works best for this kayak. The weight range for this kayak is 125 to 250 lbs.

Jackson Riviera

The most popular craft in our livery the Riviera is the best sit-on-top. A comfortable seat and backrest make this an easy choice for cruising the river. Perhaps the best choice for first time kayakers. Plenty of storage on the back deck of the kayak. The weight range for this kayak is 125 to 250 lbs.

Ocean Kayak Cricket

We use this stable little sit-on-top for small adults and young kids above 65pounds. The cricket is lots of fun to paddle. The weight range for this kayak is 65 to 175 lbs.

Jackson Riviera T

This is our two person kayak. The Riviera T is a sit-on-top that is super easy to paddle. Everyone loves this tandem kayak because it is comfortable and stable in the water. There is plenty of storage on the back deck. Total Max Weight 400 lbs.

Ocean Kayak Malibu II Xl

Our other two person boat is a very versatile sit-on-top kayak. This can be handled solo or tandem. We use this kayak solo for paddlers over 6 feet 5 inches tall or that are over 275 lbs. Total Max Weight 400 lbs.

Ocean Kayak Malibu 11.5

This is our largest solo kayak great for heavier paddlers. A comfortable self-bailing sit on top with a weight capacity to 300 lbs. Easy to manuver and very stable.